1 million burial? Why burials are a big affair among the Luo/Luhya

Burials are an expensive affair that we all know, but among the Luo and the Luhya, it is extra expensive despite the social status of the dead individual.

Among the Kikuyu, the level of pomp and colour during a burial depends on the financial status of the family.

If the family is rich the event will be ‘posh’ if the family is poor the event will be quick and with little to none ceremony.

But that is not the case among the Luo community. The late’s financial status or social standing has nothing to do with the festivities. They will still have a degree of pomp in the final send-off ceremony.

Othuol, whose real name is Ben Maurice Onyango passed away last Sunday after a long battle with a brain tumour and TB at the Kenyatta national hospital.

He will be buried on Saturday 24, October 20202, at his parents’ home in Alego, Siaya County and his burial is expected to cost Ksh 1 million.

This is despite the fact that he was struggling to pay medical bills. In fact, the Ksh 1 million is supposed to be contributed by his fans, and friends.

So why are burials among the Luo’s such an expensive affair?

  1. They believe in the celebration of life

For them, burials are an affair to celebrate one’s life and this is done by making sure that the mourners are well fed.

They will slaughter bulls, chickens among other things.

2. Transporting a body is expensive

It’s very expensive to transport a body from here to Western. This is because it’s a trip that takes many hours.

3. A man must exit in style

This is in terms of the casket, clothing and other paraphernalia bought for the dead’s final rites.

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever experienced during a burial?

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