10 Best Companies To Work For In Kenya During COVID-19 Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic in 2020 has exposed the underbelly of many companies.

From mistreatment of workers, to no payment, companies have been left cleaning their dirt linen in public.

While others have taken the opportunity to shine and treat well their employees.

A companies trust, can not be taken for granted if it does not treat well and respect their families in the same breath.

Here are companies that have been an epitome of a good employer in times of the crisis.

The firms have been key in offering their workers with good working conditions, paying their salaries and helping them stay safe and maintain government directions on COVID-19

  1. Safaricom
  2. Equity Bank
  3. EABL
  4. United Nation
  5. PWC
  6. BIDCO
  7. KCB Bank
  8. Coca Cola
  9. Google
  10. Unilever
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