10 Business Ideas For Full-Time Workers

10 Business Ideas For Full-Time Workers. If your 9-5 is not that hectic, you can find a side hustle supplement your income. The following business ideas are suitable for those who are working full-time.

1. Start A Blog

You can be a blogger and earn a living by creating profitable content on topics as diverse as home cooking, travel, film, lifestyle, business, personal finance and more. You can setting up quick, affordable and easy website hosting, choosing a simple WordPress theme and working on your first post, in order to set the precedent of prioritizing your time on creating content, connecting with (and building) your audience.

2. Offer Online Courses

Using your skills for profit is a common trend with all of the best side business ideas. If you’re an expert at something, there’s likely an audience of people online who would be willing to pay to become an expert in your field, just like you.

3. Babysit

No, babysitting isn’t just for teenagers and college students. Quite on the contrary, if you call yourself an Au Pair instead, you can make some pretty good side money working nights and weekends with this business idea if you don’t mind the often odd hours.

4. Have A Catering Company

EatWith is a great way to test the waters as a chef for your side business idea, and if you have enough rave reviews you might be able to turn your knife skills into a full-time endeavor where you’re leveraging your network to book catering events. This side business idea is built heavily upon getting happy referrals, so be sure to over-deliver for your first customers, and ask if they know anyone else who could be in need of your catering services.

5. Be A Part-Time Photographer

If you own a camera, starting a freelance portrait photography business could be a very natural way to turn your skills and passions into a profitable business idea. Start with doing free shoots for friends and family to build up a strong online portfolio, get familiar with your gear and the editing process, then you’ll be able to get paid for photographing professional head shots and celebratory family moments as your side business idea.

6. Be An Instaprenuer

Build up a following on your Instagram account and you could quickly be approached by major brands, gear companies, and other relevant businesses that sell products or services related to the type of content you share on Instagram. If you have the right marketing skills and hundreds of thousands of followers, you can easily make good extra cash.

7. Be A Social Media Manager

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Why not get paid to put your expertise to work as a side business idea? Lots of companies, especially startups or those in retail and travel, even influencers have heavy social media presences and are constantly in need of people to help build their brands online.

8. Tutor English Via Skype

Teaching and tutoring English as a second language is a great way to make a solid side business idea work, not to mention opening doors for you to travel the world if you’d like. While full ESL accreditation is recommended, as long as you’re a native speaker, there are people in countries such as Hong Kong or the UAE who are willing to pay good money for you to teach them English via Skype.

9. Be A Travel Consultant

If you love to travel and find yourself randomly searching for airfare sales or browsing Lonely Planet, why not carve out a niche for yourself as a private travel agent? Start with word of mouth recommendations from friends who know they can count on you for the cheapest flights, create a Facebook or LinkedIn group to invite people who want to stay on top of the latest deals and eventually you could spin this business idea into a full-time consultancy teaching people how to make your dream trip a reality.

10. Drive For Uber Or Taxify

Driving for one of the app-centric taxi alternative services, Uber or Taxify can still be a fairly lucrative way to earn money as a side business idea on nights and weekends. But before you dive head first into this side business idea, do your homework and calculate the costs of extra gas, mileage, tires, wear and tear and usage on your vehicle, it’s not a guaranteed business idea that’ll turn a huge profit every weekend.

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