10 Fashion Blunders Committed By Vera Sidika

Being a socialite and having spent more than 15 million on beauty, Vera Sidika should be among the last persons to be haunted by fashion blunders.

But no, she is among the first to be spat in face with fashion fails.

Here are moments her fashion went too low for a socialite and an entrepreneur who owns her own first class beauty parlor and products

Mau Mau Ankle

This photo has been zoomed from Vera’s microscopic bikini photo, in which she ironically asks fans to zoom in so as to see her xray leg.

However, a zoom shows something else, fashion fail.

You need to sanitize those ankles and apply plastic surgery

Age catching plastic skin

A simple post by rapper King Kaka has betrayed that socialite Vera Sidika’s plastic face could be under age attack.

The socialite who is barely 29 years old, posted a photo from Las Vegas from an event King Kaka was also attending.

The result was not similar.

Could it be that Vera is using too much filters to hide her aging face?

Tint flashback

We all remember when Vera removed her white tone and went back to black skin, and how she looked was horribly wrong in her own league of fashion

Make Up Blunders

Having a bleached skin, or a skin that is not natural but rather enlightened can be very challenging.

So is for Vera, on man times she is caught with a poorly done make up, before she goes for online filters

Other fashion fails

At Coast with Ex boyfriend Otile

Tbt fashion fails

With out make up fails

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