10 Lucrative Side Hustles To Try Out In 2020

10 Lucrative Side Hustles To Try Out In 2020. We live in a world where we are not sure of tomorrow, henceforth one has to have that side hustle. This will protect you financially in case you lose your job, or of your job is not meeting your financial goals. Check out side hustles to try out come 2020.

1. Get Paid to Answer Questions Online

People will always have questions. The good news for you is that if you have the answers, you can earn money. By working for a website, like JustAnswer.com, that provides clients with answers to questions that they would otherwise have trouble finding online.

2. Give Walking Tours of Your City

If you live in a town or city that gets lots of tourist on a regular basis then you can earn some extra money giving walking tours. This is an awesome side hustle because there is no real overhead, you’ll constantly be meeting new people, and it’s great cardio!

3. Pick Up Trash in Parking Lots

There is a lot of money to be made in trash. You can get your hands on both the trash and the money if you start a part time parking lot cleaning business. Get contracts with local businesses to go out early in the morning and pick up trash, blow leaves, straighten up signs, etc., in their parking lots before they open.

4. Deliver for UberEats

Now with Uber Eats, there is more opportunity added to the playing field. A reliable source of transportation, a valid driver’s license and car insurance is all you need to pull off this side gig. If you don’t have a car, you can still deliver food with Uber Eats using a scooter or a bike, depending on your location.

5. Become A Social Media Manager

If you are great with social media and know how to reach people on various platforms, you could start your own social media management side business. Start by joining Facebook groups aimed at website owners, bloggers and other small business owners. Go through them looking for people that might need social media management.

6. Sell Stuff On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is like the upgraded version of Craigslist. It makes it possible for you to list and sell items in your local area and keep all the communication within Facebook so you feel safer when going to meet up for the exchange.

7. Create A Smartphone App

If you have mobile development experience and knowledge of a current gap in the mobile app market, create your own smartphone app. When it is completed you can bring it in front of companies that purchase apps to see if they might want to purchase yours.

8. Sell Your Travel Videos

This idea for side income might make a suitable supplement for the digital nomad. If you are often traveling with a camera handy suitable for taking high quality videos, you can get paid for those videos. You can create video ads for hotels, attractions and restaurants or sell your travel videos to tourism companies.

9. Invent Something New

Are you an idea person? If so, you could come up with an idea for an invention and then apply for a patent on the idea. You can either go through with creating a prototype and selling that invention or sell the patent itself.

10. Get A Part Time Job

If your job allows it, you can have another job on the side. You can get a part time job as a bartender, cutting grass, cleaning houses, doing front desk work, catering, etc.

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