10 Motivational quotes from the boss lady, Zari Hassan that will uplift your mood

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan has been motivating fans on her social media, especially with the pandemic.

Many of her over 9 million followers check her Instagram page for many reasons, from the promise of scandal to checking out the fashion in her photos. But many go there for the inspiration.

Well, here are 10 motivating quotes from Zari The Boss Lady

  1. Can’t be around people who think your growth is competition. If we can’t be happy for one another, we have nothing in common.

2. Your past has nothing to do with your future. Your decisions do.

3. If there is one thing I’ve learned in life… Negative people will be negative because they’re negative people. Positive people will be positive. Complainers will complain. Beasts will be beasts. Quitters will quit. Haters will hate. Lovers will love.
Live life at your OWN terms👊

4. When they stop talking TO you, they start talking ABOUT you

5.Your circle is supposed to be proud, not jealous.

6. Competition is irrelevant when your goals are different. Sometimes real growth requires you to focus on your own moves and not anybody’s. #Lanes

7. Everyone wanna shine like Diddy but don’t wanna work like Puffy. If you know, you know!

8. If you don’t bet on YOURSELF I promise nobody else will

9.When you’re always in your own world on your terms you’ll never stress or worry about what others are doing 🤞🏽

10. They won’t see your vision until they see you shining. Keep doing you!

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