10 peculiar habits Kenyans cannot shake off

The popular 'Githeriman' meme from 2017 that provided a much needed dose of laughter for Kenyans
The popular ‘Githeriman’ meme from 2017 that provided a much needed dose of laughter for Kenyans

Lakini Kenyans are a special breed. Here are some of the peculiar habits we cannot shake off.

Calling all washing powders Omo

This is just inbuilt, all washing powders are branded Omo and even when going to buy people ask, ’Uko na Omo ya Sunlight.’ And it’s not something that we look like we are going to change anytime soon.

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Recycling the Blueband containers

It’s a total wastage for you throw it away. It has so many uses like packing food and the greatest use is storing steel wire at the window sil for the kitchen just above the sink.

Washing on Saturdays

Saturday is laundry day by default and nothing can change that. Basically, on Saturdays, all hanging lines are full of clothes.

Listening to gospels on Sunday

The week needs to be started on a high note and despite not listening to the gospel hits the whole week, Sunday seems to be the best day to listen to the inspirational music.

Asking obvious questions

Kenyans ask the most obvious questions. You can meet with someone and they’ll ask you, ‘Haiya kwani uko huku?’. It’s like they can’t see you are actually there.

Gossip unites us

If anything happens on the street or even on social media street, Kenyans will be like, ‘Ni nini’. The details of the dramatic event will unite starngers and make them pals. We are such busy bodies.

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Carrying extra fare just in case

Kenyans don’t even trust themselves or the system and of fare is Ksh 100, they’ll carry Ksh 200 just incase. Hutaki drama ya makanga amechew mogoka.

Competing on who is worse

We always compare our struggles not our wins. A basic Kenyan conversation will be like, ‘Wewe ata hujateseka kuteseka nimeteseka wewe wacha tu!’. We need to be seen like we have suffered more to prove our Kenyanness.

Hiding your partners

Kenyans don’t date in the public glare. You just hear rumors that people are together but they never say, hence the reason why people say Nairobi is one big bedroom.

Running when you see people running

We don’t even ask what’s happening for people to be running, we just run then we will figure it out later on.

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