10 Photos of Kamene Goro That will make you fall in love with her even more

Bubbly former Ebru TV news anchor and Kiss 100 radio host Kamene Goro makes your day during her Breakfast morning show that she co-hots with Andrew Kibe.

The beautiful curvaceous sensation, who insists on being called unmarried rather than single, spots her half fringe bob which she sometimes highlights with colour.

Her love life aside, Kamene has always treated her fans to pictures and videos of her lively life, especially on Instagram.



Looking through her photos, we just can’t help but fall in love with this style.



She often freshens it up with new clean cut styles, pushing the trend forward while maintaining the modern appeal.



The outspoken 26-year-old first caught the nations after she announced her breakup with her South African lover.

The mysterious man whose identity she never disclosed called her from South Africa to inform her it was not working between them.

The two had held a colourful party in Arusha, Tanzania, in March 2016 while the wedding was scheduled to take place late last year in Genoa, Italy.



Kamene assured her fans she was okay after the breakup saying she was taking it well.

“This man who was twice my age and I was 25 then called me on WhatsApp and told me that it was not working out between the two of us. The humiliation was that he called me on WhatsApp, a free calling service,” she said after the breakup.



Mid this year she hit headlines again when she disclosed the number of men she has bedded during the show.

She and Andrew had hosted local rapper Prezzo and were playing a drinking game when the two asked her to reveal how many guys she has been with under the sheets.

“And please, don’t judge me… My body count…Body count is the number of people I have slept with my whole life. My body count currently stands at 27 as we speak,” she responded causing a stir on social media platforms.



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