10 Way To Show Confidence During A Job Interview

10 Way To Show Confidence During A Job Interview. First impressions counts. That is why it’s wise to execute confidence when you meet your potential employees for the first time. One can’t help being nervous, but the following tips can help you look confident nonetheless.

1. Dress For Success

Don’t dress in clothes you feel ridiculous wearing. If you take some time to pick out a professional and stylish outfit you feel confident in, you’ll be more likely to exude this assurance and everything from your posture to your attitude could change for the better.

2. Make Eye Contact

Practice keeping good eye contact while listening, and equally important- while speaking. There’s nothing more important than eye contact when it comes to showing confidence, and it’s extremely noticeable if you’re staring down or to the side when you talk.

3. Maintain A Good Posture

Once you’ve made a habit of maintaining eye contact, it’s time to think about your body positions. You want to stand and sit in open positions, arms by your sides, not crossed. Make your body take up a lot of space, rather than making yourself smaller. This is how to look confident.

4. Don’t Fidget

Be still, and make controlled, calculated movements. Don’t hold a pen or paper and fidget constantly. Be careful not to tap your hands or feet either. It’s okay to be animated and talk with your hands. It’s probably even a good thing in most interviews to show enthusiasm. But don’t move your hands around when you should be listening.

5. Look Friendly

Confident people smile. Nervous people grimace or wrinkle their face up and look super serious or distracted. So along with making eye contact, smile and try to hold relaxed, calm facial expressions. It’s okay to show you’re thinking about an interview answer, or deciding what to say, but you shouldn’t constantly look like you’re strained and having a miserable time.

6. Have A Firm Handshake

Nothing’s worse than a limp handshake. It shows a lack of experience in interviews, and a lack of confidence. So practice with friends or family at home. Get it firm but not too aggressive/strong. You need to find a good balance.

7. Talk Slowly

Don’t blurt out answers and don’t rush yourself. Confident people take their time. Once you blurt out an answer in your interview, you can’t get it back. So never be afraid to pause. Don’t be afraid to ask them to clarify the question if you’re not sure. This is better than just guessing and blurting out a bad answer before you understand the situation.

8. Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t be a push-over. Don’t give references on a first phone interview. No top-level job seeker would do this. Act like you’re in-demand, and if something doesn’t seem right say so. Do not be disrespectful though. Be willing to be flexible, but don’t bend over backward at every request.

9. Be A Good Listener

When you’re nervous you tend to plan what you’ll say and miss an opportunity to bond with the hiring manager. Focus on listening.If they make a joke, you want to catch it and laugh. If you’re too busy thinking about what to say next, you’re going to mess this up and seem awkward and tense.

10. Know What You Want

You need to have good answers ready. They aren’t going to hire someone who doesn’t seem to care about what type of job they get.The most confident job seekers know exactly what they want, and can explain it clearly and quickly.

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