10 Ways To Balance Work And Family

10 Ways To Balance Work And Family. Having a family means you have to provide for them. his means being away from them for some hours everyday. Parents often experience feelings of guilt, holding on to the misconception that these things are selfish. The following tips will help you juggle your career and parenthood.

1. Let Go Of The Guilt

Many working parents, especially moms feel guilty when they leave their family for work. Letting go of the guilt is the single, most important thing that you can do for yourself. Think positively. Focus on how your career benefits your family. You are contributing to your family’s financial well being.

2. Set Priorities

With so many demands on our time, it’s hard to be everything to everyone. You may be juggling a number of roles and goals in your life. You want to be successful at work, enjoy a healthy couple relationship, be an involved parent. As there are only 24 hours in a day, you may have to think about your values and set some priorities based on those values.

2. Plan And Do Things In Advance

Work weeks are when most of us tend to be the busiest. By preparing for Monday’s arrival, you can ease the stress of the week ahead. Keep a family calendar posted on the fridge. On Sunday, look at what’s on tap for the week and plan how you are going to manage the week. Where you can, make meals on the weekend and put them in the refrigerator for a quick reheat on a busy evening.

3. Create Special Family Time

Creating special family time can help alleviate some of the stress and guilt associated with having a career. If you and your children know that you have something to look forward to each week, it will make that time away from home more manageable.

4. Have Limits

Parents have good intentions and want to provide their children.Without noticing parents can get ensnarled in the unlimited opportunities available for children. This can create busy schedules for both their children and themselves. Limit the number of outside activities your children participate in to one activity at a time. Instead, do things together as a family.

5. Establish Boundaries

We work hard with the idea to provide for the family, but don’t sacrifice time with family on work. Many parents hold great responsibilities in their jobs and positions but they need to be reminded at times that they hold that same responsibility to their families too.

6. Share Your Work Experience With Your Children

Through your words and actions, your children should know that they are a priority in your life, but it is also helpful to let them know that your work is important to you too. Talk to your children about what you do at work and take them with you to see where you work. Children are more likely to be responsive to your work demands when you share that part of your life with them.

7. Don’t neglect your Partner

Juggling work and kids can make it very easy to neglect your partner. In fact, they are often the first to get neglected. It is extremely important that you make your partner a priority. Schedule regular date nights for just the two of you.

8. Don’t Neglect Yourself

You simply cannot take care of anyone else if you don’t care for yourself. You need time to recharge your batteries; read a book, schedule a massage, attend a sporting event or a community festival. All too often, working parents neglect themselves in an effort to balance

9. Accept that things are no longer the same

Acceptance that life is never the same as it was without the kids is important. It was a purposeful decision to have children in our lives so we have to accept that those frequent and impromptu late-cocktail nights and longer than 45-minute restaurant dinners are a thing of the past. Embrace that with a family, the lifestyle that we will now have will involve the family.

10. Negotiate Flex Hours

Flexibility in your work life can bring an incredible stress release to a household. If it’s financially feasible, consider the option of part-time work. It may mean less financial freedom, but it may bring greater daily rewards and quality of life.

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