10 Ways To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

10 Ways To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job. Getting laid off work is the most painful thing one can go through. Your sense of income is lost, and your pride gets challenged. It is not the end of the world though and the following tips can help you cope during this difficult time.

1. Take Time to Mourn

When you are laid off work, your first tendency might be to ignore your feelings. Don’t make this mistake. It’s natural to feel a real sense of loss. Take the time to work through your feelings so that they don’t come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

2. Getting back in the saddle

At some point in time, you will need to get back on that horse. When you are ready to get back up in the saddle, consider putting together a plan for your job search. Your plan should include concrete goals and deadlines so that you can measure your success.

3. Work the Plan

Going through the process of developing a plan can be very empowering. Once this is done, don’t put your plan in the draw. Keep it close by so you can check your plan daily to ensure that you are staying on track.

4. Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastination is common when job searching. We tend to make the easy phone calls first and then if we get around to it we might make some of the harder calls next. Try reversing the order and see how much better things work. Start your day by making the hardest calls first

5. Stay Networked

It’s easy to want to crawl into a hole and not come out when you are not working. Networking is a critical component of any job search and usually requires some face-to-face contact. It’s important that you push yourself to get out and stay visible.

6. Manage Your References

Sooner or later you will need to provide your potential employer with a list of references. It’s a good idea to get this in order before you start interviewing.

7. Know Your Rights

Before you begin a job search, consider where you stand from a legal perspective. Was your firing legitimate or could it be considered wrongful termination? Can you, or should you, consider suing for wrongful termination? Are you eligible for unemployment benefits?

7. Be Honest In Your Job Applications

When filling out job applications, don’t be negative, but do be honest and don’t lie, because it will come back to haunt you. You can use language like “the job ended” or “terminated” if you need to state why you are no longer working at the job. If you are specifically asked if you were fired, you need to answer yes.

8. Move On

You need to get over getting fired and move on. You need to be able to convince employers that, regardless of what happened in the past, you are a strong candidate for a new position and can do the job.

9. Stay Positive

Granted this might be one of the toughest experiences you have ever had, but try to remain positive. Focusing on the skills and experience you have, rather than the firing. This will help sell you to the employer and will help you get the job.

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