10 Ways To Remain Safe As Lockdown Regulations Get Eased To Level 3

10 Ways To Remain Safe As Lockdown Regulations Get Eased To Level 3. On Sunday evening, president Cyril Ramaphosa announced the easing of some lockdown restrictions as the whole country will be moving to level 3 of the lockdown on the 1st of June 2020.

This however does not mean that we are corona virus free. In fact, we have to be more careful than ever, as this level will bring about more and rapid infections. “It is now in your hands, Ramaphosa cautioned”. Here is how to stay safe as we move to level 3.

1. Continue Washing Hands

Even if the lockdown regulations get eased, don’t stop this good habit of regularly washing your hands. Practicing hand hygiene can not only prevent coronavirus but can also keep several other diseases at bay.

2. Avoid Touching Your Face with Unwashed Hands

If you have been in a public place, don’t touch your face until you clean your hands thoroughly. The coronavirus finds entry into the human body through the mouth, nose, and eyes therefore keeping your hands away from them is highly advisable.

3. Continue Wearing Your Face Masks

Precaution is better than cure. So it is the best option to still use your masks while in public. Wear your mask while going to a crowded place or shopping. Continue using face masks in order to prevent yourself from getting sick. The mask must fully cover both the nose and mouth.

4. Maintain Respiratory Hygiene

This is mostly important in public places. It is always a bad habit to cough or sneeze openly in public. Droplets through coughing and sneezing is what had led to such a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide. Try to maintain your respiratory hygiene while in public. Cover your mouth with a tissue or cough and sneeze in your folded arm.

5. Eat Healthy

It is important to have a balanced diet with green leafy vegetables and pulses during the lockdown. Further, Indian spices, among other immunity-enhancing foods, are believed to improve immunity levels in the body in the long run. Vitamin C and D play a very important role in boosting the immunity, so try to include more green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

6. Maintain Social Distancing

Even if the lockdown rules are relaxed, it doesn’t mean one needs to be careless.. Avoid kissing, hugging and shaking hands as you have been doing all along. Avoid visiting friends or relatives just because they miss them. Try keeping a 2m distance (where possible) with other people.

7. Don’t Have People Come To Your Home

The easing of lockdown regulations does not mean now we can start hosting people at our homes. Avoid throwing big parties, assembling for family functions or having big dinners together. Protect yourself and your family by isolating yourself when necessary.

8. What About Gatherings? 

Since the start of lockdown, mass gatherings have been banned. However, under level three an exception has been made for funerals. You can only attend funerals of those you are close to as the maximum number of mourners is 50.

9. Be Safe At Work

Employers will have to ensure that their workplace is free of health and risk hazards and ready for the safe return of their workers. It is also your responsibility as an employee to adhere to safety measures and go that extra mile.

10. Working Remotely

Employers should introducing a work-from-home policy wherever possible. If you can work from home, speak with your employer so that arrangements can be made for you.

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