Top 10 Kenyan YouTube channels that blew up this year

The year 2020 may sound scary to many. A year that so much has taken place, the bad and the good. Kenyans have had to source for entertainment and YouTube has been one of the favorites.

Here is a list of Kenyan YouTube channels that have been sought after this year:

1. Bonga na Jalas- During the COVID-19 period especially the early months of the spread of the virus in the country, when the rules were strict, people had to look for a source of entertainment.

Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o took advantage of the period to give Kenyans what they yearned for.

The comedian’s YouTube channel blew up with the famous Bonga na Jalas show on Jalang’o TV.

Jalas has managed to attract viewers and make them stick like glue with his top notch interviewing skills not forgetting his lively and comical nature that just makes anyone want to see more of him.

The channel which is one of the fastest growing in Kenya includes content in which the comedian hosts various musicians, comedians, socialites, politicians among other celebrities.

His channel is doing so well that it has managed to garner over 250k subscribers in a short span.

2. Jessy Junction- This is one of the channels that has become a favorite for Kenyans.

Jessy Junction hosted by comedian MC Jessy is catchy and entertaining with Jessy’s impressive interviewing skills and his comic nature and one would not think twice to binge watch his vlogs.

MC Jessy has hosted a number of celebrities on his show such as Kate the Actress, Kamene Goro, Robert Burale just to mention a few.

Jessy Junction has so far gained up to 114,000 subscribers.

3. Betty Kyalo- Mafans wa Budesko hoyee!! If there is a celebrity that has been the talk of town in 2020 it has got to be Betty Kyalo.

With all the drama involved when she left K24 TV to opening her own spa, Betty Kyalo has managed to keep her fans glued to her YouTube channel.

The gorgeous media personality’s channel has content based on lifestyle, career and motherhood.

4. Abel Mutua- Abel popularly known as Freddie from the drama series Tahidi high is one of the celebrities who has witnessed a massive engagement from his YouTube channel in 2020.

The comedian continues to showcase his impressive skills when it comes to narration with a mixture of comedy and fans absolutely love it.

Abel Mutua has gone ahead to share about his life to fans and it has paid off with an increasing engagement of 164,000 subscribers so far.

5. Njugush- Honestly speaking the tales of Njugush is one of the funniest vlogs we have ever seen and it comes as no surprise that his fan base on YouTube are increasing with time.

The comedian has taken advantage of his comical nature to create magical content with the inclusion of his wife Celestine Ndinda and some segments including his son Tugi as well.

The channel which has over 440,000 subscribers has also included some segments of Cele’s reflection in which his wife decided to create her own content that talks about real life issues.

6. WaJesus Family– If it isn’t the celebrity couple goal of the year Kabi and Millie wa Jesus.

Then this list would be incomplete.

The couple creates content that deals with marriage life with their popular slogan ‘Marriage works’.

The two post content related to their marriage with Kabi WaJesus’ comic nature being showcased and fans have become fond of them.

7. Edgar Obare– Love him or hate him blogger Edgar Obare has seen a massive increase in engagements on his channel this year.

With his controversial exposes, Kenyans can’t help but run to his YouTube channel to watch his content.

The blogger with his famous ‘receipts’ shares content on celebrities controversies.

8. Pika na Raych- If you have heard of this YouTube channel then you certainly know why it is a favorite.

Kenyans love to eat and what better way to capture their attention by giving them what they want?

Raych who has 127,000 subscribers shares content on cooking.

To add it all up, the vlogger includes her comic nature when preparing delicious dishes.

It is safe to say she has won the hearts of many through their stomach.

9. Rozina Sharon- Ladies, if you like to get your makeup game to another level then Rozina has got you covered.

The makeup enthusiast who describes herself as Mama Raiza has a magical way of engaging fans on her vlogs with her makeup tutorials.

The curvy content creator has seen a massive growth on her YouTube channel by amassing an impressive up to 391,000 subscribers in 2020.

10. Azziad Nasenya- At this rate Utawezana? Tiktok queen has had a blessed 2020.

From the famous Utawezana challenge that brought her into the limelight to her acting career, Azziad is like the jack f all trades in the entertainment industry.

The beauty who shared with her fans that she was doing journalism studies decided to show us why she is suitable for that career with her impressive interviewing skills.

Azziad on her YouTube channel dubbed ‘shoe game with Azziad’ interviews celebrities and her YouTube channel has shot to 83.9 K subscribers so far.

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