3 major mistakes women make in the quest to find Mr Right

woman crying.

More often than no women assume that laying with a man is an automatic sign that he loves you yet it’s not. always true thus many end up heartbroken.

Truth is, most men can separate their emotions from sex hence a man can sleep with a woman and won’t even remember them the next day.

Women on the other hand are emotional beings who attach emotions to sex thus feel ‘used’ once a man loses interest after hitting their cookie.

Lessons Kenyan couples should learn from Nyota Ndogo’s prank gone wrong experience

Here are things to do

Assuming a man loves you

Ladies instead of assuming a man loves you just because they had intercourse with you are old-fashioned.

Rather than assume how about asking them out rightly what they feel about you?

Jumping in bed with every Tom, Dick, and Harry

When a man wants something they will even move mountains to get it.

That is the same case for when a man is hitting on a woman whether for love or just to hit their cookie jar.

It’s up to a woman to take their time and deduce whether a man is in for keeps or he just wants to hit and run.

Although in some cases one can’t be too sure, most heartbreaks would have been saved if people had taken their time to learn from their partners.

Crying foul when things don’t work out

If as a woman you give in to a man willingly, don’t cry foul if they just eat the cookie and decide to ghost on you.

You chose to lay with them so deal with the consequences. Don’t go around saying akina Kevo na Bryo wanakuaga maplayers yet you were a willing player too.

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