5 Common lies most married men tell to get you to bed- List

More and more married men are straying and it leaves one wondering why one would stray when they vowed to stay faithful to each other ‘for better, for worse. Till death does them part’.

Call it self centeredness, selfishness or whatever you want, truth is, cheating is here to stay and only a few strong-willed individuals will survive the temptation.

Married men have perfected the art and below are some of the most common lies they give when out ‘hunting’.

  1. My wife and I no longer see eye to eye

That is the most stupid pick up line married men use, they will paint their wives as the devils only to get between your pants.

The question most ladies do not ask themselves is, if they are really not seeing eye to eye why are they still living together in the first place and sleeping in the same bed. Each. And. Every. Night.

2. I’m about to get a divorce

Just reading this is funny, If a man is really in the process of divorcing they won’t keep using it as an excuse to get you to bed.

They will sort out their ‘mess’ quietly and then come and approach you, but some men think by telling you they are getting divorced will earn them points.

Ladies wamejanjaruka.

3. We are only together because of the kids

Whoever died because of bringing up their kids alone or because of co-parenting? No one.

So if a married man is interested in a woman let them be straight forward and stop using the ‘kids’ as bait.

A woman who is interested in you will date you with or without the kids.


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4. It is my parents who forced me to marry her

Really? Who would even believe such a stupid lie? Did your parents put a gun to your head and force you to marry your wife.

Ladies who believe such excuses should be castrated alongside such men, duuh we are in a new era where one is free to choose whom to marry.

5. We sleep in different bedrooms

So what if they might not be sleeping in the same bedroom but that does not mean they are not smashing.

Smashing does not have to happen in the bedroom only. It can happen on the couch, living room, kitchen or the corridor.

How come men who constantly claim to sleep in different bedrooms have wives who are pregnant?

I thought it’s only Mary the mother of Jesus who had immaculate conception?

Ladies it’s 2020 so let us be smart, the truth is, very few married men will leave their wives for you.

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