5 Reasons Kenyan Ladies Would Rather Date A Rich Bad Boy Than A Loving Broke Jamaa

rich bad boy

Let’s face it, it’s the 21st Century and everything is all about money nowadays including relationships, marriage, love, dating et cetera.

Well, in Kenya, there seems to be a new breed of ladies who value money more than anything and with the new realisation of sponsors, it’s only getting worse!

Young Kenyan girls who are endowed with curvaceous sexy bodies are doing all manner of things like posing nude, engaging in sex for money favours and getting lured into this new trend of socialites, just because the likes of Vera Sidika and Huddah are balling, travelling and dressing up in expensive clothes, shoes and accessories.

Personally, I’ve heard several dudes complaining the way it’s hard to get a genuine lady who is not after the mullah, and I’ve even had friends who have been left hanging by their mamas after they went broke. Others have been dumped for rich guys, and just had to walk away because they could not maintain their flashy and expensive lifestyle.

Well, I decided to look into this worrying trend, as to why most Kenyan ladies would rather stay with an abusive, unfaithful, domineering and not so romantic wealthy guy, other than being with a caring, faithful, and loving man, who is broke or who does not have that much cash.

Well, as much as we want to sugarcoat this, many lasses out here are all about the money, money, money! Here are 5 reasons why the rich, bad boy gets more shawtys compared to the middle class, caring, sweet lad with good intentions.

A rich man of definitely that, RICH and WEALTHY. So a lady can have all the access to a lavish lifestyle; from designer clothes, shoes, jewellery..and enjoy travelling to other countries anytime, any day.
For some reason, girls nowadays think that money also brings happiness and joy…how can I drive a Range Rover and not be happy? Well, think again..most of these mamas cry everyday because of being assaulted, disrespected, beaten or being played by their better halves!

Don’t we all want to show off a rich man driving a Mercedes-Benz and taking us to the most expensive parties and drinking the most expensive champagne? Another reason why women are going for the men with money, they want to floss to their friends, that they got the kind of man that every lass would want to grab or have by her side.
Then not forgetting to show off the car or shoes or the $1000 chain he got her on Instagram! Bet you can’t do that with a lad who you are going home in an Ummoiner!

Ever wondered why a lady who’s only in her mid 20’s is getting engaged or marrying a man in his late 60s? Well, the mullah happens to come first before the looks, and she would rather risk being with a loaded, old and ugly man, than a broke good looking and honest guy.
Though I hear some use the good looking average guys for sex only, and even at times tip them,…some cougar kinda ish! Well, I wonder if money also changes the image of the old man to a young and energetic guy during sex?!


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As much as it may look like I’m exaggerating, there are actually ladies out there who want the rich guy because she does not want to take a broke lad to her parents (despite the fact that he’s loving, caring and sincere) as her boyfriend or fiance.
And mostly if the parents are also all about quality and standards, the average guy is also out of the picture. The worst part about this, will your parents be there when he’s treating you like dirt because he spent millions on your dowry?! *Food for thought*

“I need a man who will have my back when things go wrong and when we have children, he will take good care of them financially and still be able to keep up with my high-class lifestyle”… said one of my friends. I remember asking her, what if that man was disrespectful, abusive or unfaithful and she bluntly said: “As long as the money is there, he can go and do his shit, I really don’t care, I can take a holiday to Miami if things get worse and cool off. Oh, and there is no romance without finance, that’s my motto!”

At this point, I23 cannot help but empathise with the average, middle-class guy who is hoping to settle down soon…coz only one thing is a priority to most ladies! MONEY!! Or a gold-dust Range Rover like the one below! Good luck with that!


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