5 silly excuses men give when caught cheating – List

Men are very funny beings, most do not know how to lie if their life depends on it. They are easily caught especially in matters infidelity.

Below are some of the silly excuses Kenyans give when caught cheating.

It was the devil

We have heard this excuse many times. It makes you wonder if the devil took you and dragged you between the other woman’s thighs.

This is just an easy way for cheating spouses to justify themselves and soothe their egos.

Ni yeye alijileta

So what if the other woman threw themselves at you? As a man couldn’t you have said no?

Men just use this as an excuse to test the waters outside their horizons.

 I was drunk

Being drunk is not an excuse to go around cheating on your spouse but most Kenyan men feel like it is.

It’s not all men who cheat when drunk but a majority do, we all know that alcohol has a way of making us do crazy things.

So if you cannot handle your alcohol just go home and sleep.

HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea is real.

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You pushed me to cheat

Really? Explain to me like a two-year-old how one is pushed to cheat? It’s all a matter of lust and greed.

If you feel like you are no longer compatible with your partner, you can always part ways rather than live with the fear of being caught.

It was a mistake

Just hearing this excuse is enough to make one laugh.

Sex is not a mistake, yes it may be coerced (you have an option of saying no) but when it comes to cheating, sex is majorly intentional.

So the next time someone gives you this excuse, drop them like a hot potato.

The same excuses also apply to men, nowadays women even cheat more than men.

What’s the worst excuse your partner has ever given you after you caught them cheating?

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