5 Things Not To Do When You Get Fired

5 Things Not To Do When You Get Fired. Everyday hundreds of people lose their jobs. This might be due to financial difficulties or maybe just insubordination. Losing your job is a blow to your ego and can be downright scary. The first instinct may be to do anything possible to change your situation. However, this is the time to contemplate carefully before talking too much or running away.

1. Don’t Tell The Whole World What Happened

It may be tempting to call friends, family and colleagues and share your story as well as your interpretation of what happened.  Be cautious, as this is the beginning of your job search process.  As much as you may be upset or angry, the message you deliver will be hard to change once you cool off and can think more clearly.

2. Don’t Apply For A New Role Online The Next Day

You may be anxious about getting a new role quickly, getting back into the game and generating an income soon.  You want to submit or post your resume to every job board and social media site to make yourself feel better. Take a deep breath first. Your time may be better spent taking stock of what you liked about your previous role and what kind of challenges you’d like most in the next one.

3. Don’t Leave On A Trip

Escaping to the Sun City might look tempting right now. Putting your toes in the sand could feel pretty good, but may be equivalent to sticking your head into it. Even if you’ve been granted a generous severance package, make sure it is right before you book those tickets. Review your package carefully and consult with a lawyer.

4. Don’t Panic

You’re no doubt shocked, if not surprised at your new employment status. Thoughts of worst case scenarios such as, “I’ll never work again” may be coursing through your brain. It can be tough to calm your anxious thoughts, but the smartest thing you can do right now is exactly that. Start with reviewing your finances and severance package with your financial advisor.

5. Don’t Send Out Resumes To All Your Contacts

Yes, networking is a highly recommended component of a successful job search. It does, however, require some planning and forethought. Preparing a modified, updated resume tailored to both your targeted audience and the type of role you’d like to pursue is the first step.

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