5 Things women should do to avoid getting pregnant this Christmas

Vera Sidika Pregnant
Miss Sidika pregnant

Getting pregnant before Christmas is something not many people are looking forward to, but we all know that some sperms are stubborn.

Here are things that you can do to avoid being pregnant before Christmas.

1. Avoid raw sex.

Usikule sweet bila karatasi. Using a condom during pekejeng this cold December is one sure way of ensuring you do not get pregnant.

Otherwise, be ready to buy diapers.

2. Count your safe days.

Not every woman is good at this because some women have irregular periods.

The best way to count your days especially if you have a regular cycle is to download an App to help you count.

You can also create a chart and mark when you are safe.

3. Abstain.

This might sound hard especially for people who love ‘Twa Twa Twa.’ but it is the only way you can be sure you will not get pregnant.

4. Withdrawal.

This is another method to ensure that you don’t get knocked out during the Christmas holidays. This is however for men who can control themselves.

If your man is the type that cums anyhowly, then sis, does not try this at home.

5. Buy a dildo

For men there is Samantha and for women, there are a variety of s@x toys you can buy, I would advise that this be the last resort.

Why buy toys when Kenyan men can serve you the real meal?


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