7 Tips to Help You Get Through Monday

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A lady holding a phone displaying the Mozzartbet Happy Monday Bonus.

Monday blues can be hectic for most of us, but with Mozzart Bet, there is a reason to always look forward to the first day of the week with seven simple hacks.

Monday – end of the weekend – start getting up early and going to work. The fun stops, and the commitments begin. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be, Mozzart Bet gives you seven tips to help you beat a terrible Monday:

1. Plan something fun in advance for Monday. Why wait for the weekend in order to have fun? Guys organize games, ladies schedule coffee for Monday after work, and being in love might be the Monday night to start a romance?

A promo poster of Mozzartbet's Happy Monday bonus promotion.
A promo poster of Mozzartbet’s Happy Monday bonus promotion.

2. Appreciate yourself. Buy yourself something nice and start your day with some flair, I promise you will feel much better from the start of the day.

3. Don’t reschedule your appointments to Monday. We know that on Friday so many obligations are on the table, and the easier plan usually is to move them to Monday. Try to finish them better on Friday, or schedule some on Monday, some on Tuesday and the day will certainly be easier.

4. Get some sleep. You are less sleepy on a Sunday, and full of energy to stay awake for a long time, but don’t fall into the trap – lie down on time to have a brighter Monday!

5. Beautify the day with someone. Do something that will put a smile on your face – because it’s hard for them to fall on Mondays. Give a compliment to a colleague at work, help a neighbour, and feel proud to have brightened someone’s Monday.

6. Remember the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging. Ensure to follow all the Ministry of Health guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe.

7. Treat yourself to a Happy Monday Bonus. Get the bonus that Mozart has prescribed to make Monday a day to always look forward to. Login to your MozzartBet.Co.Ke account, because there may be a surprise that’ll put a smile back on your face. It’s a Monday, CLAIM YOUR BONUS NOW!

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A man holding a phone displaying the Mozzartbet Happy Monday Bonus.
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