8 qualities to look for in the man you intend to marry – List

2020 may be the year some of us might get married. Well before making that bold decision here are things that can help you when choosing a spouse.

  1. Personality Adjustment

Does the person you want to marry adjust or adapt well with situations and people? A person who is lacking in good emotional or personality adjustment finds it difficult to live with themselves and others.

2. Team player

In marriage it is important  to work as a team as it will makes things easier for the both of you.

If you realize that you are in competition, especially with each other then you have no business getting married.

3. Good Listener /communicator

In-case you need to say something you need someone who will listen and understand you, not listen for the sake of it.

You would also want someone to listen to you when you have had a long day or when you want to simply get something off your chest.

If you are constantly being ignored or cut off then you might need to hold off the wedding.

 4. Caregiver

When you are sick you will need someone to look after you without complaining or whining. There are vows that say “for sickness and health, rich and poor” etc. Will the person you want to marry be there in such moments or they will take the first flight available?

5. Responsible  Parent

Does your partner interact well with other kids? This might help you see what type of dad he will be in the future.

Will your partner help you or will they let you handle things alone? Parenting is not easy and you will need all the support you can.

6. A good provider

Let no one lie to you that financial freedom is not important, before you get married ask yourself if that man will be able to take care of your future kids.

If not let him put himself together, ndo sio mchezo.

8. A problem solver

Go for a spouse who is a problem solver rather than a creator. Do not settle for someone who strives to cause trouble always even when there is no need to.

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