9 Dramatic transformations that raised eyebrows! List of celebrities who lost a lot of weight

Wema Sepetu

There are a number of stereotypes that are accompanied by either gaining or losing weight.

We live in a world where there is so much pressure in looking a certain way.

In the UK being in perfect shape would mean looking slim the Kate Middleton way, in Africa though the bigger the better.

Gone are the days when there was so much pressure in shedding those extra pounds but we are still far from liberation.

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Having excess body fat comes with its fair share of criticism but for most people losing weight would mean for their own personal reasons majorly out of health concerns.

Excessive fat in the body is a cause of health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure just to mention few.

Some celebrities have had it rough by being trolled for being overweight.

For others we come to love and embrace them in their plump look but later on left us tongue tied with body transformation to looking slimmer than usual.

1. Wema Sepetu- The Tanzanian lass and former lover of bongo heavy weight Diamond Platinumz has been in the recent years known for her curvy and mouthwatering body.

Her figure was at the time safe to say perfection in most people’s eyes.

However, the beauty took fans by surprise after posting pictures and videos of herself looking way slimmer.

The actress explained that she had to lose weight in order to increase her fertility rate as the uterus was surrounded by a lot of fat.making it impossible to get pregnant.

However, fans have been raising concerns with some saying that she might be ailing, she has however refuted the claims by saying she loves the way she looks right now and is in perfect shape with no health concerns whatsoever.

2. Big Ted- Thomas Kwaka alias Big Ted is no longer as big as we used to know him.

In fact, right now the name Big Ted would seem like an irony.

The prominent MC known for his big structure being a very tall man with a big body took everyone by surprise when he first showed up looking way slimmer.

Big Ted later on revealed that he had tried almost everything to lose weight but nothing was working out until he met an Indian doctor who was at the time in the country.

He also says he was skeptical about the whole procedure since he had tried various methods of cutting weight with no success but underwent a gastric bypass surgery procedure in India which worked out perfectly.

3. Miguna Miguna- Former Nairobi governor aspirant Miguna Miguna shocked many after he posted a picture on his twitter account.

What led to him being the talk of the town was his drastic weight loss.

Fans could not hide the shock of seeing the vocal man looking way slimmer and with plenty of gray hair and were quick to ask whether he is sick because according to them he looked way older than his usual self.

Miguna Miguna was quick to answer about his significant weight loss and aging by saying that losing weight is healthy and even cautioned on the health risks of being obese.

He also said that owning gray hair was a sign that he is aging and it is not an amusing thing for anyone past the age of 40.

4. Risper Faith- Former socialite Risper Faith rose to fame thanks to her hourglass figure, fans couldn’t help but thirst on her body but everything changed when she gave birth to her son.

The former reality TV star was off the limelight for some time and made headlines in 2020 after she shared her weight loss journey with fans.

For Risper Fath her supplied husband Brian splashed more than 400,000 shillings on her liposuction procedure to restore her perfect figure back.

On her YouTube channel Risper Faith explains the whole procedure in which excess body fats are removed from different parts of the body.

For the entrepreneur, after giving birth said she had lost all confidence in herself owing to being overweight.

Risper Faith surgery

5. Nazizi- Fans were used to the plump and chubby Nazizi who rocked baggy t-shirts for many years.

The first lady of hip-hop took everyone by surprise when she was first seen looking way slimmer.

Nazizi had shed massive weight and even switched up her fashion sense and fans couldn’t help but thirst at the beautiful radio presenter.

6. Maina Kageni- I believe anyone could have sworn that the charming Classic FM presenter was always tiny.

With his current lean body, it is almost impossible to imagine Maina Kageni as a plus size man.

Speaking during an interview on Churchill show, the radio host shared his life story as an overweight man before getting on radio.

7. Arnelisa Muigai- Who would have thought she would look this snacky right?

The Keroche heiress took everyone by surprise back in 2017 after losing 58 kgs at the time.

Anerlisa revealed that she had an eating disorder and became overweight which completely shuttered and lowered her self-esteem.

Anerlisa is currently one of the women with the most attractive figure and she knows it.

She even shared fears of losing her sexy body after giving birth as she got married in 2020 to her Tanzanian sweetheart musician Benpol in May.

8. Kalekye Mumo- We have always known the media personality for being plump and she looked gorgeous that way but things changed when she lost 40 kgs before celebrating her 40th birthday.

The radio host left fans tongue tied with her massive weight loss with some loving her new body.

She however revealed that she did not like how she looked when she got too skinny and lost a secret admirer who loved her for her big self

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9. Carol Atemi- Carol Atemi is the vocals queen, her gifted voice is one that has charmed fans over the years.

Atemi has been known for flaunting her bigger self and she always looks amazing.

Fans however noticed she had shed so much weight in which she responded by saying she eats right and works hard.

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