“Actresses With Albinism and Dark Skin Should Get More Representation,” Kuli Roberts

Actresses With Albinism and Dark Skin Should Get More Representation,” Kuli Roberts. She is one of the most outspoken celebrities in the country. Love her or hate her, Kuli Roberts always uses her celeb status to advocate for the less privileged.

The veteran media personality, author and now turned actress is well known for always standing up for people with albinism. Her social media pages are filled with beautiful people with albinism. “STOP ALBINISM KILLINGS,” reads Kuli’s Twitter handle. She also posts a lot about gays and lesbians, and doesn’t tolerate it when people get judged for their sexual orientation.

It doesn’t end there, the outspoken Kuli also engages on issues of colourism. She recently added her voice to the colourism debate, telling people that they should not let the coming generation feel pressured or bullied into resenting their dark skin complexion.

Kuli also shared her sentiments on a tweet about Hollywood being dominated by white actresses, with the same features, rather than using black actresses for some roles. Bringing the issue closer to home, she said actresses with albinism and those with dark skin tone deserve more representation.

Actresses with Albinism and dark skin should also get way more representation, so we reflect SA,’ she said.


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