Age is just but a number! Why dating or marrying an older spouse like Guardian Angel and Bahati is the best decision

Bahati and Diana Marua
The couple

Marrying or dating someone older than you is advisable especially for men. Having a partner who’s older than you is okay because women mature faster than men.

Well, in the local industry we have celebrities who have married and others dating older women and gospel artistes Guardian Angel and Kevin Bahati are a good example. They are younger than their partners.

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Below are the six reasons why every man should consider dating an older spouse


1. They’re mature

Older women tend to be mature compared to their young counterparts. If you’re 25 and dating a woman who’s above 30, that’s a great relationship at least you can reason together.

2. They’re are not as money-hungry as slay queens

These type of women are working class, invested heavily and have no time to ask you for fare, use it, then don’t show up and later block you. In fact, they’re the ones who will foot your bills. Dear men, choose wisely.

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3. They are good in bed because of ‘experience’.

They know how to treat men and when it comes to bedminton, they’re good compared to slay queens who doze off after a round or two.

4. Done everything and ready to settle down.

Older women have no time to chase after men. Once they find their soulmate they settle down and age gracefully together.

Slay queens are all about parte after parte. So men, choose wisely.

5. They are willing to support their men in their hustles unlike slay queens who don’t want to break a sweat. They are more willing to give than receive.

6. Older spouses come with their own money so the financial stability aspect is not an issue.

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