All about Limumba Karim, man who died with Ginimbi but was being chased by Malawi government

Lumumba Karim

Zimbabwean businessman Ginimbi died on Sunday together with three other friends who had come from a birthday party.

Among them was one Limumba Karim, a man who was wanted by the government of Malawi.

Karim was involved in a fraud case that is said to be one of the biggest fraud cases in the history of that country since seven years ago.

Karim was inolved in a 2.6 million dollar case and fled to South Africa where he had been hidding for sometime.

In 2017, he failed to attend a court session and a warrant was issued to look for him.

His lawyer Wapona Kita discraged himself from defending him as Karim was no where to be found and had cut communication.

Lumumba Karim

He was a father to three kids, one who is a newborn and two others.

He will be buried in his country, Malawi.

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