All hail the king of collabos! Top 10 hits Mejja has featured on in 2020

When we talk about big artists making big moves in 2020 there is no way we can go without mentioning the name of Kansol member Mejja also known as Okwonko.

Okwonko is like the T-Pain of Kenya by being the new king of collabos.

In 2020 he is featured in at least the biggest hits around East Africa to a point of attracting the attention of Tanzania’s heavy weight Wasafi records which is owned by renowned bongo artist Diamond Platinumz.

Although the collabo between Mejja and Wasafi did not push through with Onkwonko citing disrespect from Wasafi’s side he continues to make major moves and we cannot stop him at this rate.

Here are some of the biggest collabos Mejja has been featured on;

1. Utawezana featuring Femi one- Let’s kick off the list with the biggest collabo Mejja has been featured on this year. Utawezana is without a doubt one of the biggest songs in 2020 garnering a massive 9.9 million views on youtube. The catchy song which is a give and take conversation between Kaka Empire signee rapper Femi one and Mejja shot when the utawezana challenge took place and Tiktok queen Azziad Nasenya impressed Kenyans and East Africans as a whole with her dancing skills thus pushing the song to greater heights.

2. Kalale featuring Willis Raburu, Rekless, Breeder LW ad Ssaru- Mejja is making all the major moves and artists and other creatives are taking note of that. The genge star was featured two months ago in Willis Raburu’s first hit Kalele in which he incorporated with other Gengetone artists such as Ssaru, Rekless and Breeder LW. sSo great was Kalae that it has attracted 4.5 Million views on youtube.

3. Lewa featuring Parroty, Kabagazi and OneBoy- Landlord hitmaker was also featured in another gengetone banger Lewa. The catchy song is definitely a vibe and Mejja is adding all the tasty flavor with his bars. Lewa is just a month old and has garnered 2 million views on youtube and continues to receive heavy rotation on radio and TV stations as well as in clubs.

4. Leo featuring Ssaru- Rapper Ssaru and Mejja seem to be having the best working relationship. This year the two artists have worked on a number of projects together and without a doubt we would like to see more of them. In just a week Ssaru has released a new vibe which features Okwonko, Leo. Leo is receiving massive reception with more than 359,000 views on youtube in a week after its release.

5. Pakua featuring Jovial- Nyeri meets Mombasa. What an unexpected collabo but anyway Mejja is full of surprises. The artist seems welcoming to work with every talented artist out there and this was no exception. The coastal bred songbird Jovial surprised fans by also including Mejja in her song Pakua with 1.2 million views so far.

6. Sota featuring Rekless- Mejja and Rekless always produce magic working together and Sota is just the right vibe. Okwonko who is used to rapping about real life experiences was featured in Sota. Sota not only has great beats but talks about real life experiences which in this case Rekless and Mejja are mocking people who fake life by showing off they are living large when in real sense own nothing. Mejja’s verse on Sota is interesting mocking a guy who owns a car offered to buy a sugar mummy, with the place he is staying being borrowed and the impressive dress code also being lent by the neighbors and yet the person is busy bragging and showing off. “Gari ni ya sugar mummy (ai), Keja aliomab Mwaniki (ai), Luku aliomba jirani na kwa base vile anajidai.” goes Mejja’s verse on Sota.

7. Wanani Remix featuring Bahati, Ssaru, Petra, Odi wa Murang’a and Benzema- This is not the first song Bahati has done featuring Mejja. This year Bahati also featured Kansol in Kererembe in which Mejja is a member of. A song which was heavily criticized as Bahati was still in the gospel industry. Bahati then did Wanani that was well received and later on the Wanani remix that initiated him into the secular world. Wanani is one of the biggest songs in 2020 which Mejja has featured and in fact is the first artist to introduce the song with the first verse after the Wanani chorus sung by Bahati. Wanani which is only four months old has an impressive viewership of 4.5 million.

8. Wamocho featuring Mbogi Genje and Richy Haniel- Mejja is known to be working with new artists, especially new gengetone artists. Mbogi genje is a gengetone group that came into fame after a video of their song with heavy sheng’ went viral. Mbogi Genje and Rich Haniel then feture Mejja in Wamocho and fans as usual were impressed especially with the new sheng’ that most people can’t seem to understand and that’s the beauty of the song.

9. Watoto na Pombe featuring Otile Brown and Magix Enga- Okwonko is an all- rounder he can bring magic by working with any artist regardless of the genre. On 30th of June, Otile Brown, Mejja and the beat king Magix Enga released their song Watoto na pombe, a song that received great reception garnering 4.7 million views.

10. Nye featuring Willy Paul-Lets talk about the latest collabo in the list. Nye is a song which anyone would want to listen to with an interesting storyline. Nye in which Willy Paul incorporated Okwonko, the two artists share their experience with the same girl who appears as an innocent girl but is fooling around with men. The song which is just two days old has garnered 205,000 views and we love it.

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