Amazing Fitness Progress! Zola Nombona Shows Off Her Abs

Fitness Progress! Zola Nombona Shows Off Her Abs. Although, some women make it look easy, getting rid of baby fat is not always a smooth ride. You have to be committed to working out and eating healthy, (unless you are God’s fave and have been blessed with great genes). We can all draw inspiration from, Zola Nombona, who works hard for her sexy body.

The talented actress welcomed her first born child, back in June this year, and is already looking ripped. Zola, is a perfect example that hard work pays. She is one of our local celebs who are always about fitness. Even during her pregnancy, Zola did some training. Hard work definitely pays, and Zola gets to show off her amazing training progress.

“Celebrating little victories with @skulpturedphysique @khotso.leepile 💪🏽 Leepile thank you for being such an amazing trainer and friend. We moved from training before I fell pregnant, during my pregnancy and after. I have no words ntwana yam. Enkosi 🙏🏽 Now let’s switch into Beastmode.”


Bringing Sexy Back!

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