Anerlisa Mungai offers up the secret to her relationship with Ben Pol

Anerlisa and Ben Pol

Anerlisa Muigai, the most renown daughter of Keroche Breweries owner Tabitha Karanja and Chief Executive Officer of Executive premium mineral water offers advice for people seeking relationships.

The businesswoman who runs a mineral water chain put up a picture on Instagram of herself dining with her husband, Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, in what seems like a posh restaurant.

Anerlisa disclosed that the reason her relationship with the singer works is because of their concerted willingness to build each other.

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She added that the two of them have something to learn from the other and relationships are multi-faceted and not one dimensional.

She revealed that a functioning relationship is a constant cycle of learning and growth.

The businesswoman also made a subtle jab on naysayers saying that their love is strong and is there to stay.

Anerlisa MuigaiThe couple walked the aisle last year in an under the radar ceremony in Dar es Salaam.

In Ben Pol’s latest music video – Kidani, the singer pays tribute to his wife who poses in the video as a model, asserting the strength of their relationship.

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