Anga Makubalo Launches His Own Clothing Label

Anga Makubalo Launches His Own Clothing Label. Transitioning from working with brands, to having your own brand, is the biggest flex. This can only happen, if you have a solid work ethic, like Anga Makubalo.

In 2018, the talented actor and singer, got into partnership with Soviet Denim. As the brand ambassador of the clothing brand, Anga wore the coolest clothes ever. He is now venturing into fashion as an entrepreneur and has just launched his own label, Swish Apparel.


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Anga owns the fashion brand together with Cherene Cook. The two are passionate about fashion and the latest trends. Together they will make sure that Swish Apparel appeals to the masses.The brand is all about, fashion, luxury and comfort.

Be silent. Only speak when it’s time to say CHECKMATE. Fast lane!!! Hits only 🥂@swishapparelsa… Camagu,” Anga said.

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