Annoying things men do before and after pekejeng (List)

Sex is an important ingredient when it comes to marriage or dating but there are things that couples do especially men that turn women off.

  1. No foreplay

Some men /women are very clueless when it comes to foreplay, some just want to enter, c@m and doze off.

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, men, women are like cars they need some diesel to kick start the journey.

How about involving some touching the next time you have a pekejeng session?

2. Saliva when kissing.

Kissing may not be everyone’s cup of tea so my advice to people who kiss with saliva all over your partner is, style up.

Just thinking about it is making me angry.

Plus there are people who feel like using teeth while kissing is a turn on, my brother my lips are not a bone so hapana tumia meno.

3. Cumming too fast.

Men, let no woman lie that they enjoy a man who cums fast, we all love a man with mileage.

Si kugurumisha gari Ngara, ikifika Koja ishakwama.

To kick start your journey how about eating foods that boost libido, mambo ya Indomine na Soy Sauce tuwache please.

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4. Being clueless about how to make a woman orgasm.

We are in 2019 guys and if you are above 25 and do not know where a woman’s G-Spot is, go and ask your biology teacher for a school fees refund.

Gone are the days when a man would constantly ask a woman ‘Babe umecum?’.

Give her action till agurume kama posho mill za Kitale.

5. Poor oral s@x skills.

Most women will not say it loud but they love oral s@x, however most men nibble it like they are chewing a piece of mutura.

Please hii kitu inataka tender love and care.

The next time a woman asks you to go down on her don’t use your teeth as if uko kwa ‘Joe the butcher’.

Ukishindwa kaa na mama yako.

6. Dropping used condoms on the floor.

So you were able to lift a woman who is 60 or 70 kgs yet you cannot lift a condom you used and put it in the trash can?

Men please tuheshimiane.

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