Are Samidoh’s recent exploits with Karen Nyamu revenge on wife?

Ever heard the dated adage that men don’t forgive cheating?

Well, that might just pan out to be true; Samidoh’s recent exploits with politician Karen Nyamu might be consequent of a resentment that had lingered a little too long.

An old video has surfaced of the folk singer divulging to a presenter that he married his wife notwithstanding unravelling an affair between her and another man.

The singer married his high school heartthrob Edith Nderitu, a union now spanning 11 years and counting.

Things went manic after a video of the crooner nestling a son he shares with former Nairobi Women Representative hopeful Karen Nyamu went viral.

Netizens inferenced Edith’s recent accident to Samidoh’s overt infidelity.

Samidoh’s has since issued a rather bold but nonchalant apology to his family and fans on the socials.

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