Attack on Pastor Robert Burale proves how shallow and bitter we are as Kenyans

Pastor Burale
Pastor Burale at the Nairobi Hospital after testing positive for Covid-19

This past few days we have seen Kenyans unite to bring Pastor Robert Burale down after sharing his story in being infected with Covid-19.

Robert was sharing the story to inspire others got a rude shock after Kenyans turned against him.

Many started saying he was only pretending to be sick to get empathy from people. Are you guys for real. He is in hospital, sick! Being treated for a disease everyone is scared of contracting, but noooooooo, y’all have to mention that he owes someone money.

You are the guys who go for wakes to demand that you get paid because deni yako haiezi isha ivyo.

Where is your comment decency? Wapi utu? Are we that jaded and numb to humanity?

Are we?

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Others started unearthing his past ‘mistakes’ with celebrities such as Nini Wacera accusing the pastor of allegedly conning her.

The sad part is that people did not focus on the important bit of the video which was to educate people that the coronavirus is real.

People who do not know Burale attacked him just to seem cool among other social media users. For clout and retweets.

Does the attack on Burale prove that Kenyans are a bitter lot wanting to bring others down to make themselves feel better?

One thing people should learn is that we all have a past and we cannot change it.

Burale is no saint and he may/may not have conned people as they are alleging, but how is that and him being sick related?

How does someone being sick and helpless add joy to your days?

He has learnt from his past and has made ammends. Are you God to judge?

People should find something positive to do with their time rather than tear others down.

As they say ‘Baraka ya mwenzio usiilalie mlango wazi.’

If you feel like Burale is a good ‘conman’ as they people are insinuating, how about signing up for classes?

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