Ayanda Borotho Mourns The Loss Of A Loved One

Ayanda Borotho Mourns The Loss Of A Loved One. Death is one enemy that we can never get used to.When a loved one dies, grief can leave us sad, angry, bitter or even lost for words. Or like in Ayanda Borothos’s case, grief can at times be a whole nightmare, leaving one broken.

The Isibaya actress, lost a loved one, a few weeks ago, and she is not coping. Ayanda, took to Instagram to open up about her feelings on losing this particular person. She doesn’t mention his name, or how they are related, but it is quite clear that Ayanda has lost a close friend. Also it looks like the deceased passed away under unpleasant circumstances.

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“I never post loved ones who have passed on but knowing you, you’re going to make sure I do and that’s why I’m at peace doing this post. It feels right because of you. I don’t know how to write Rest In Peace under the circumstances of your passing. The past 2 weeks since your passing have been a nightmare. Like the storm you were, you came into my life like thunder and then left like lightening with endless rain. How you left has broken me. Indeed you were tired but being robbed of your light is a true crime,” Ayanda said.

“I pray you find peace my F (as you so affectionately called me). Had I known that last text you sent the morning of the afternoon you passed was your last, I may have done better. I have consoled myself with the knowledge that you tried to escape, even though love kept taking you back. And then it finally took you. Go Sbahle, take care of your last born. He couldn’t be without his mommy,” she added.

Like the deceased wanted, Ayanda has vowed she will write her story. “How, I don’t know yet but I know you’ll give me whispers from heaven. You are eternally in my heart. Rest Queen. God grant you peace.”

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