Baba Lao: Different times Diamond has dated the same women with fellow Tanzanian artistes

We have seen Diamond and fellow Tanzanian artistes date the same women, the interesting thing is that despite them parting they are still friends.

Here are women Diamond has ‘shared’ with fellow artistes.

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Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba

Both Diamond and Ali Kiba have dated Jokate Mwegelo.

Jokate was dating Diamond Platnumz before the two broke up.

Jokate Mwegelo

After breaking up with ‘Simba’ Jokate went on to date Ali Kiba for two years. Ali Kiba is Diamond’s biggest music rival.

That union must have hurt Diamond to the core.


2. Diamond and Idris Sultan

In the past, Wema Sepetu has dated former Big Brother Africa winner Idris Sultan after she dumped musician Diamond Platnumz.

They dated in 2016. They however broke up after she suffered a miscarriage.

They are still friends so is Wema and Diamond Platnumz.

Idris Sultan

3. Diamond and Harmonize

The actress had a fling with Diamond before she started dating his labelmate, Harmonize.

Seems like Diamond and his boy don’t have a bro code. Harmonize was aware that Wolper and Diamond had a fling before but they still hooked up.

Anyhow, Wolper and Diamond’s parting was amicable, they are still friends to date.

Harmonize and Wolper
Harmonize and Wolper

Looking at the above examples to see why he is called Simba, he sets the trend others follow.

He dates women, after he parts with them other artistes and celebs pick from where he left off.

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