Baby boss! Times Ladasha has brought Size 8’s recordings to a stand still

Celebrity tot Ladasha Belle Wambui is a bausss. Yaani, she is the boss in the Muraya household.

Akisema amesema.

In as much as her parents are in the public limelight, they social media clout does not stop her from pulling a boss move on her parents.

A while back, Ladasha disrupted her Size 8’s Instagram live.

She demanded for a phone to watch videos but her Size 8 was using the phone to stream the live session.

When she tried explaining that, Ladasha could not hear of it. She threw a major tantrum.

In another boss move, Ladasha brought the Muraya household to a halt by demanding for attention.


Retirement mansion! Jalango shows off his Kisumu home (photos)

Here are photos from the session that prove who the boss in that house really is.


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