Bangbet rewards customers with ‘Champion Jerseys’ as hotel worker clinches Sh100k

The hospitality industry has been the most hit since Covid-19 reared its ugly head in Kenya.
Travel bans, restriction of movements and a ban on gatherings saw the industry’s fortunes turned
upside down in March 2020 what with cancellations of bookings leading to little or no visitors at

The net effect was hotels, restaurants and travel companies shutting down or reducing their
workforce as others effected pay cuts to stay afloat.

Ahmed Ibrahim fell in the latter category, as having worked in a travel agency firm, he never
envisioned a day when his salary will be chopped by more than half.

Sadly, that has been his new reality for over one year. Thankfully for him, he discovered
Bangbet, Kenya’s best odds site, during that time.

Ibrahim was introduced to Bang Casino games by his younger brother and after tasting his first
win, he has never looked back.

The 33-year-old has played Bangbet casino games for over one year and won several times, the
highest being Ksh120,000. It was, therefore, no surprise to him when he learnt that he was last
week’s winner of the Bangbet Weekly Casino Draw of Sh100,000.

“We have suffered a lot in our industry since Covid-19 struck but I am lucky I did not lose my
job like some of my colleagues in this sector. However, having to live with less than 50 percent
of my salary meant I had to look for other ways to make money and that is how I landed on
Bangbet. I have enjoyed the games and won a number of times which has helped me a lot,” said
the South C resident.

“This win has also come at a great time because I was so broke and wondering where I will get
school fees for my younger brother. Now, I will pay it without problems thanks to Bangbet,”
added Ibrahim, whose favourite Bang Casino game is Lucky Poker.

Meanwhile, Bangbet rewarded some of its most loyal customers with Eu2020 ‘Champion
Jerseys’ as the tournament came to a close on Sunday. Seven customers received special
Euro2020 jerseys as part of the firm’s appreciation for sticking and playing with them.

BangBet has top offers on its site on casino and sports with a free bet
awaiting those signing up for the first time while those who join and stake Sh99 and above stand
to get 100% bonus.

Punters can place sports bets or play live games for as little as Sh20 while the casino games
allow a minimum stake of Sh10.

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