Bangers! Kenyan songs that have surpassed 10m views on YouTube

Here is a list of some of the top 2020 tunes that entertained us during the pandemic. They have managed to garner over 10m views on YouTube.

Utawezana– the hit song by Femi One and Mejja. Waliwezana!! This is the same song that propelled rise Azziad to fame. The song recently suprassed 10m views on YouTube.

Dusuma– Otile Brown and Meddy their hit sing is currently at 16m views and is still a banger.

Suzzana– Senje!!1 Halo halo halo. The hit song by Sauti Sol was released at the beginning of the year under the album Midnight train. This was amongst he first songs released from the album and is currently at 15M views.

Melanin– a great collabo from Patoranking and Sauti Sol is currently at 21M views. The tune was an appreciation of the melanin heritage we have as Africans.

Malaika– the love song by Nyashinski currently is at 11M views. The song was unexpected for we know Nyash as a rapper and now he brought forth a wonderful love song which to date is till played at weddings.

Njiwa– Willy Paul and Nandy. The song surpassed 10m views mark to currently rest at 16million views.

I do – the song that brought a lot of controversy the song was done by Willy Paul and Alaine and is at 21million views.

Hallelujah– another song for Willy Paul and Nandy it was a hit but the same energy it had as a hit song is the same backlash it faces. It is currently at 11m views.

Mmhh– Willy Paul and Ravyanny’s hit song is currently at 20m views. The collab was released early last year in February.

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