Bankable TV stars to watch in 2021

Kenya has got many good TV stars, anchors and celebrities that have inspired many and also been role models to the industries in leading as examples to the younger generation.

Here are TV anchors that have made waved in Lenya this year.

Kambua– Well, we have celebrities like Kambua, who has been married for a couple of years, but men still drool upon seeing her. She’s a petite media personality and a really bright and soft spoken at the same time. Good news is, she is ready to welcome baby number 2.

Lillian Muli– She is a force to reckon with and she’s good at what she does. She has been in the media industry for years and as time goes by, she has learned how to block noise from her haters in various social media. She mostly speaks her mind.

Jeff Koinange – The Citizen TV anchor had a rising career at one of the world’s most popular stations, CNN. He has mastered the art of asking questions and engaging subjects so hard, that the interviews stir conversations right up to your own living room every Wednesday night.

Grace Ekirapa– She has captivated many hearts since she made her TV debut hosting the Crossover 101 show alongside DJ Mo. Though she has managed to stay low-key despite being on TV, she has the kind of beauty that doesn’t go unnoticed. She turned the lockdown period into a twerk session and the internet got a glimpse of her twerking capabilities.

Victoria Rubadiri– She is the investigative reporter and TV anchor. She is the sixth winner of the 2020 BBC World News Komla Dumor Award. A good role model to young ladies who aspire to be in the industry.

Willis Raburu– is a TV presenter for 10 over 10, Rhythm Junction Citizen TV Kenya, and Hot 96. He is a reporter, News Anchor and TV Presenter in the current affairs desk and also covers human interest stories and features. He also has a vast experience in Public Relations, Social media marketing and strategy. He brings positivity wherever he goes.

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