Basetsana Kumalo Transforms Her Study Into A Classroom #21daylockdown

Basetsana Kumalo Transforms Her Study Into A Classroom. We fell in love with Basetsana Kumalo’s three children the moment she started sharing their pictures on social media.

From the videos and pictures, the media mogul shared, it is clear that her kids are the apple of her eye. Now that there is a 21-day lockdown, Basetsana has shown her followers that she is a hands-on parent. Even though her kids are home, their school work is not neglected.

Basetsana has turned her study into a classroom, where her children will study from every weekday. With the help of a tutor, she has managed to structure a learning routine.

I spent a lot of time in my study, sleeping in there, and working through the night when I wrote my Memoir. Transforming it to a classroom has brought fresh & beautiful energy into space. I’ll share the schedule with you later today, she said.

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