Bashir Mohamud was burnt with a car lighter and tortured from head to toe, postmortem reveals

A postmortem conducted on the body of Somali-American businessman Bashir Mohamud has revealed how he was tortured, his body burnt and thrown into a river.

Government pathologist Johansen Oduor and two others carried out an examination on Bashir’s body at the Umash funeral home in Nairobi.

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They found out that he was strangled to death after being hit by a blunt object on the head.

Photo: Bashir Muhamud,Facebook.

Also, his body had multiple burn wounds that seemed to have been inflicted using a car lighter. The assailants tortured Bashir from his head upto his to

After missing for a week, Bashir’s body was found at the Kerugoya Level 5 Hospital mortuary on Sunday.

The hospital management said that the body was taken there by officers from Wanguru police station on May 16.

36-year-old Bashir’s body was first found on the banks of River Nyamindi, Kirinyaga County on May 16, three days after he went missing from Lavington.

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It had deep cuts, and blood was oozing from his nose and mouth. This was 3 days after Bashir went missing after he was last seen in Lavington, Nairobi.

The family lawyers who were present for the postmortem at Umash said that

It had deep cut wounds in the head and blood was oozing from the mouth and nose.

A family lawyer present at the Umash funeral home said that they will request the office of the DPP to institute a probe to determine the circumstances of his death.

Charles Madowo also said that the US government had seconded an FBI agent to partner with DCI in the ongoing investigations.

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