Before the fame! Kenyan celebs who used to be house helps

Willy Paul

Watu hutoka mbali!!! Here are a list of some Kenyan celebs who help portray the saying where you are today is not where you’ll be tomorrow.

The president of single mums, Akothee who is known for her music and calling out trolls was once a house help. This happened when she eloped with her high school boyfriend and when push came to shove, she had to go and that’s when she became a house help to secure some money.

Nyota Ndogo
The musical sensation once worked as a house help before her breakthrough in 2014. She owes her name credit to a friend and she believes that if it was not for him, she would have still been in the same situation.

MC Jessy
The comedian and host of Jessy Junction shared about his fair share of being a house boy when he first came to Nairobi and was looking for a place to stay. Once, he found an opportunity he grabbed it and never looked back, this went on for around 2- 3 months where he met an old friend whose father was an MP. He shared his experience before he finally made it to the comedy scene.

Nice Wanjeri
She portrayed the character of a house help in the sensation TV show Auntie Boss though what we didn’t know is that she was actually one in real life after high school she worked as a house help at her cousin’s place and in return her cousin paid for her to learn computer packages.

Willy Paul
The hitmaker has come from far. Before he started singing with Gloria Muliro in Sitolia he had his fare share of hustling. He disclosed that after his father passed away, they had no place to go so he and his mum went separate ways and he resulted in becoming a houseboy.

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