Betty Kyallo on feeling intimidated as a TV anchor and possible return

Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo has had a mixture of both a tough year and a well-defined moment in her life. First was quitting K24 TV before the mass retrenchment exercise. Betty was one of the frustrated employees at the media max owned company and quit saying as much.

Second came her breakthrough when she relaunched her salon Flair by Betty. On her YouTube channel Betty talked about her insecurities and being intimidated while working as a news anchor. Kyallo also shared about lessons learnt and a possible comeback to the screens once the right time comes.

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The last thing anyone would have thought about the famous Betty Kyallo is getting intimidated especially on the screens, I mean she is one of the rare individuals who was meant for TV, she clicked perfectly with her great anchoring skills from the word go.

During a question and answer segment on her YouTube channel responded to a fans question if there was a time in her life that she felt intimidated while working as an anchor revealed that she always had her fears.


Kyallo revealed that the first years of working in her dream job as an anchor in the same station as her idol Catherine Kasavuli was frustrating as she developed fear of not being good enough especially around her colleagues.

The mother of one shared that working in an environment with the likes of former colleague Cynthia Nyamai intimidated her. Some of the mistakes she made on the screen included shrubbing on air and not being able to ask the right questions during an interview and would, later on, scold herself when she got home and recalled the events of the day. As much as she later grew and became a household name, she advised her fans not to be so hard on themselves assuring them that it is okay to make mistakes.

One of her fans later asked her on life after leaving K24 TV which she revealed was hard at the beginning as she depended on that salary but picked up some life lessons from the whole saga such as the value of every coin.

Her anxious fans also asked whether she would ever get back on the screens and the beauty did not bury the thoughts claiming that she may resume at the right time and if she does, she would like to do things differently from what she has been doing over the years. For her TV is everything and it is what she loves the most.

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