Betty to Yvonne Okwara: Luhya babes whose looks can steal your man

We have heard people say that Luhya women are strong, beautiful and hard working. Whether true or not, we will never truly know.

Below are the most prominent luhya ‘girls’ in Kenya:

Betty Kyallo

Yes you read that right, Betty has Luhya blood running in her veins, Ever wondered where she got the strong legs from.

Betty Kyallo

Mwanahamisi Hamadi

Although it has never been confirmed as she prefers being private about her life. It’s said that Mwanahamisi has Luhya roots but has lived in the Coast for so long and adopted their way of living.

She was also married to a Muslim in the past.

Vera Sidika

By now you know that Vera is the next famous Luhya after Musalia Mudavadi and Musikari Kombo.

Is she hard working? Smart and a good wife like people assume Luhya’s to be.

That we will never know as she is not married.

Vera Sidika

Yvonne Okwaro- Citizen TV anchor

The Citizen TV reporter is a Luhya, truth be told she is confident, calm and beautiful. She is married to Mr Matole.

Yvonne Okwara

Brenda Mulinya Wanga – NTV  Reporter

Brenda is a Luhya girl who has made her name in the media industry. She is married to Kenyan footballer Allan Wanga.

The couple has two kids.

Cindy Ogana

Cindy is the energetic damsel who appears on The Trend from time to time. She is also the Fundraising Manager of faraja trust.

Cindy Ogana

The mother of one is a Luhya, but she was born and grew up in Nairobi.

She is best known for her acting prowess on ‘papa shirandula’ where she acted as a clueless girl from the village.

She is also a fashionista and we must admit she is body goals.

Jacky Awinja

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