Beware! These are the dirtiest places we encounter in our social lives

These are 12 of the dirtiest 13 places in the world when it comes to our social life. They are easy to overlook but they carry a lot of germs that are harmful to our health.

Check out the list.

1. Swimming pools, especially children’s pools. Studies have shown that 70% of these pools contain the bacterium e coli.

2. Restaurant menus.

3. Lemon trims placed on the edge of the drink glasses served in restaurants.

4. Water faucets in schools, which are proven to be dirtier than toilets, because toilets may be cleaned every day, unlike the water faucets.

5. The exit door of the toilet. Studies have shown that 1/3 rd of men and 2/3rds of women do not wash their hands well before leaving the toilet.

6. Shopping carts in malls, so children should not be placed in these carts.

7. The elevator button’s & escalator side moving hand resting moulding hard plastic. Which are proven to be 100 time’ dirtier than toilets.

8. Hotel rooms. It has been proved that the dirtiest thing in hotel rooms is the tv or air-conditioner

9. Tools used in gyms sports clubs.

10. Mobile cell phones the least that a mobile contains is 40 viruses.

11. Gas stations.

12. As for the dirtiest thing ever. Ironically, is the paper currency that is being traded, and we are making sure to own it. With all its germs 💸😳

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