Bibi harusi anabebana na pombe? Proof Eric Omondi’s wedding was a stunt

Eric Omondi's drama wedding

Comedian Eric Omondi is the king of publicity stunts. Just like his fellow Kenyan celebs, he has mastered the art of attracting the attention of many by doing anything to trend.

Well, the comedian is trending after he walked down the aisle with Carol Kamweru of Band Beca, who emerged the top during his search for a wife on the Wife Material reality show.

The wedding was a stunt and from their wedding video, below is proof that it wasn’t real.

  1. Shakilla’s makeup 

A photo of Shakilla dolled up in a wedding dress was posted six days ago by a popular makeup artist Dennis Karuri only for her to post it yesterday when the wedding video was put up. Who plans to go ruin a wedding in full makeup and a wedding gown?


2. Carol Kamweru the bride holding a bottle of alcohol

Have you seen that before? Even if a bride or groom is an alcoholic, you’ll never see them ‘advertise’ themselves like that.

Eric has worked with the alcohol brand for long and it’s not a miracle that he was advertising it.

Carol Kamweru
Carol Kamweru holding a bottle of alcohol

3. Shakilla’s drama

It was all scripted!

Storming the wedding venue and taking over, claiming she had been sent for photos of her baby daddy marrying another woman.


Still can’t believe this was a stunt?

Eric Omondi's wedding

4. The bride laughing

During the scuffle, Carol, the bride was caught on camera laughing as Shakilla attacked Eric. Who does that at a wedding? If it was real, she could have defended her hubby, but again, she’s a poor actor.

5. The wedding officiator was a comedian and not a clergy as it happens in all weddings.

He is none other than Onesmus Mboya Orinda.

6. Shakilla bragging her dress was better than the bride’s

Shakilla drama

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