Boity donates R50K to support victims of gender-based violence

Boity. Picture: Instagram

Rapper Boity Thulo has put her money where her mouth is by donating R50 000 to an abuse shelter.

The star, who is vocal about her thoughts on gender-based violence (GBV) and what needs to be done to stop it, made the donation this week.

At the handover ceremony on Thursday, Boity and her mom, Modiehi Thulo, selected the Vhathu Vhothe Abuse Centre to donate the R50 000.

Their donation goes towards victim empowerment programmes with a focus on strengthening the human rights of both women and children.

Boity and her mother took first place in the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show on earlier this year where they won the cash prize and opted to donate it.

“An incredible day well spent at the Vhathu Vhothe Abuse Centre.

“Through the Sanlam Money Moola show, My mom and I managed to raise R50 000 for the Centre.

“What an honour it was to see the phenomenal work that the Centre does for GBV victims, and for the community in general.

“These are the moments that ground us and remind us about the bigger picture!”, said Boity in a caption accompanied by a video of herself at the shelter.

The Vhathu Vhothe Abuse Centre was founded by Sbongile Nkosi and provides support to the victims of GBV and abuse.

The centre provides counselling, door to door campaigns, home visits and victim empowerment projects such as support groups, awareness campaigns and poverty alleviation programmes.

Among the programmes are gardening and skills development such as bead-work, sewing and crafts.

No stranger to helping those in need, this week the “Wuz Dat” hitmaker was scammed by a social media user who asked the star for help.

A Twitter user asked the star to buy school shoes for his brother.

“Hey Boity, can you please help my young brother with a (pair of) school shoes, size 6 for boys. He has nothing to wear when going to school,” tweeted the user.

The rapper and actress responded saying: “Ok, no problem. Will DM you.”

After seeing Boity’s response, some users alerted the star that they too had been approached by the same tweep for help with school shoes.

The users stated that they had already sent the user money for school shoes.

One user then said, “I hope people like Boity won’t be discouraged by this; we cannot have people taking advantage of other people’s kindness for their own benefits”.

Boity replied back saying it was okay, “It happens. It’s ok. The intention to help was pure and that’s all that matters”.

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