Bonang Explains Her Social Media Absence

Bonang Explains Her Social Media Absence. As the new year began, many of our celebrities took to social media to reveal their latest gigs, plans for 2021, holiday pictures, as well as inspirational messages. Since 2020, was a hard year for a lot of people, many were eager to welcome the new year and do better.

In the midst of all this, many people noticed that Bonang Matheba has been absent from social media for a while. With 4.2M followers on Instagram and 4.6M Twitter followers, it was easy to notice her absence. Queen B hasn’t shared anything on her social media platforms since mid December 2020.

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Her fans were quite happy when she made the much anticipated comeback a few days ago. But where has she been? One social media user asked the multi-award winning media personality why she has bee scarce. Keeping her answer short and sweet, Bonang explained that she has been resting and enjoying this life thing!

Resting…enjoying life!”

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