Bridget Masinga Celebrates Her 40th Birthday With A Powerful Outlook On Life

Bridget Masinga Celebrates Her 40th Birthday With A Powerful Outlook On Life. As the famous saying goes, life begins at 40. Most people feel brand new when they enter the 4th floor. It is a stage where they accept life for what it is, embrace their short comings, as well as enjoy life to the fullest.

Just a few weeks ago, a lot of people who are forty and above, took part in the Over 40 Challenge. Celebrities like Kb Motsilanyane, Stoan Seate, Kuli Roberts, Millicent Makhado, DJ Sbu, Rami Chuene also joined in on the fun. It is not everyday that people want to reveal that they are of a particular age, but this challenge, made the forties fashionable. The forties instantly became the new twenties.

Another celebrity who has just clocked the big 40, is Bridget Masinga. The media personality definitely knows where the fountain of youth is located. If Bridget didn’t make the announcement that it is her 40th birthday, we wouldn’t have guessed. Just like most people celebrating a milestone, Bridget went for a photo-shoot, where she took some sexy, risqué pics that she was probably going to share with her followers. There was a change of plan though, and we are here for her decision.

… as I scroll the file, I realize of all the pictures we shot, this one captured how I feel at present.

Vulnerable, raw, open and piecing it back together one dream at a time!
Suddenly remembered this morning that my superpower has always been the heart I wear so gallantly on my sleeve and how she continues to love despite it all.

My mother asked me how do I feel now that I’m forty?😬
I replied, my life isn’t how I had imagined it. I’m divorced, a mother of none and my career is still becoming… But apart from those hardlines, I didn’t feel 40. I kinda felt 30 still☺️
Tô which mom replied, “to enter this milestone feeling young is the best gift you’ve been given” 🥰 (If you know my mother, you know she lives feeling young).

My friends reminded me that life may not look how I imagined it but, I had won more battles and counted more days of joy than sorrow. And for that I must be GRATEFUL!

Here’s to 40, Inshallah I get another tomorrow and plenty more after! 🌹 Here’s to living daringly!” Bridget said.

As Bridget is a loved personality, celebrities, and fans alike, t

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