Budesko! All about Betty Kyallo’s Ethiopian bae

A lot has been said about Betty Kyallo’s love life but she says, ever so little, about her new man.

Here are 5 things you did not know about her budesko who is slowly conquering her heart.

Betty Kyallo1. His name is Teme Carlos.

2. He is Ethiopian.

3. They are sooooooooo in love with each other he even has a pet name for her. He calls her the Queen of Sheba.

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4. He loves the finer things in life. From his taste in suits to watch brands he owns.

You can catch flashes of those on Betty’s Instagram stories once in a while.

The couple also frequent Ethiopian restaurants to have a taste of their cuisine.

Teme feeds her with his own hands. Mapenzi ni moto moto.

5. Teme loves to keep fit. He is the quintessential gym rat.

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