‘Can I touch your baby bump?’ Kambua highlights things you should never tell a pregnant woman

Kambua Mathu

Gospel artiste Kambua has shared some of the things pregnant women don’t like to be asked.

The Bado Nasimama hit singer who’s heavily pregnant with her second child, highlighted some of the things you shouldn’t ask a pregnant woman.

Below is the list;

Okay. In the spirit of kusaidiana and becoming better people, let me put together a list of things you should NOT say to a pregnant woman🤰🏾. You’re welcome to add onto my list 😅.

1. Bado?? You’re STILL pregnant?! 🙄🙄 (Look, I will deliver when it is time. Stop rushing me)

2. Kwani ukona moods? (I could slap someone for this👋🏾 but Jesus)

3. Heee! Na umenona?! Or…Aiii you’re too small! (Body shamers alert 🚩)

4. Can I touch your belly? (No please, and thank you)! ‘Can I touch yours’?😅

5. Sleep now because you’ll never sleep again (thanks)

6. Are you having a natural birth or CS? (Nanya bizness) Birth is birth.

7. Gosh, you should be ready for labor. Mine was sooo bad! (Please save your horror stories unless asked).

Haya! That’s my list for now… Let all the mama’s chime in so that we can all help each other🤗

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Mothers cemented on her post, sharing some of the things they hate being asked when pregnant

pstruthmatete Kadem ama kachali? ( a baby is a baby😂)

georginaamali Umefanyiwa CS? Ata hujaskia uchungu

nanamuriira Umejiachilia tangu upate mimba. Am not free Falling in your house

mwaikadu 😁😁no karaikia? (is the baby still kicking) ,, noûratindika Eeh? ( you’re still pushing to the days) the perfect answer is “aca yakwa niyarurumire 😂😂niskie mtu akisema it was meant for ladies

ndutawahomek Your baby is tiny na venye ulikuwa umebeba😭

its_ryn1 Ati we hio mimba imekuchapisha🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄(nyof nyof)…,aki si unakula sana(yes will also eat you😳😳😳)…

stacy_weber44  Na ukipata ni msichana tena? I hate that mtoto ni mtoto

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